Lookin @TheBullies

from by TI:ME:ST:AMP

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Lookin @TheBullies Look Don't Fear Their Boots

on the pedestal
high on chemical
a political
a general
of an army at large
he is mental
not your normal elemental
here's a brainstorm
next time you're standing in line
talk to your neighbor
any flavour
take your light sabre
and put it away
inside is the same
it's comin our way

you're watchin theatre
chain store media
got believer pill in ya
and its killin ya
brain's been beatin in a flat line
what a sad bind
hangin by the lie vine
growin high crimes
chillin like its nap time
with all your sheep flyin
ignoring your own two eyes
and operandi

get up from sleep
get up from sleep
get up from sleep
you're sleepin neck deep

just read your George Orwell
he spelled it out so well
it was no fairytale
revealing hidden hells
st. clemens and his church bells
while the bank sells
all of your dream spells
and now you sit and dwell
no party boat
nor a party vote
we either sink or float
either way their bellies bloat
the bullies hit ya blind side
and now your kids cyrin
next to them a friend dies
your freedoms squashed to thin lies

all the folk
forget the hidden joke
punchline's like a broken yoke
killin off the common bloke
so while you sit and head hide
cryin flag pride
hypnotized by hate mind
poison waters rise

get up from sleep
get up from sleep
get up from sleep
you're sleepin neck deep


from timestamp, released May 14, 2013





earthcore? chk it. let us know. Timestamp is really dirty noises, bleeps, beats, emulators, synths, various wares like LSDJ, Audacity & Sunvox and even pencils, dryers, hands and mice people. little ones and big ones. more strange noises coming soon.

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